Leen De Graeve

Leen De Graeve

© Marianne Hommersom


2010 - 2013 Bacehlor Drama – Director/writing, Rits – Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel
2006 – 2007 Master of Arts in Theatre Studies (Master na Master Theaterwetenschappen) University of Antwerp
2005 – 2006 Educational Master, University of Antwerp
2001 – 2005 Master in Linguistics, University of Antwerp
1995 – 2001 Highschool, Latin – Mathematics, Sint-Gabriëlcollege Boechout

Artistic Experience
2014 Cycle, with Chirine Karame and Mireia Chalamanch, produced by Cycle, Moussem, Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats
2014 Living Expo, writer and director with Anna Rispoli en Christophe Meierhans Huis van Culturen, de Vaartkapoen, de gesubsidieerde Nederlandstalige cultuurdienst, Molenbeek 2014 (Brussels)
2014 Female/male-ratios in the Flemish Performing Arts by Kaaitheater, researcher together with VTi, deBuren and 0090, in the context of the wowmen-festival
2013 ‘Artworks and landmarks’, participant at a Seminar in Barcelona, Beirut and Rome organised by CRA'P (Barcelona), in co-operation with Zoukak (Beiroet) and Teatro Potlach (Rome) In this frame I did following performances: ‘Corporation’ concept and performance with Marialejandra Perez, Mireia Chalamanch and Meera Supramaniam walk from Olympic Port till the Forum along the artifical beach of Barcelona ‘Zero’ concept and performance with Afrika Martinez and Ali Msarrah in a bombed building in Beiroet
2013 Devil’s advocate, performer a performance by Joke Raes produced by Van Haerents Art Gallery (Brussels)
2013 Artiest zoekt burger / Action cherche citoyen, writer and performer a theatrical dialogue with Amid Chakir produced by De vaartkapoen (Brussels)
2013 The congress of peace and quietness in my head part 1, artist performed in Caïro and Brussels part of education at the RITS, EHB (Brussels) coaching: Lotte van den Berg
2012 Repetitie #1, writer and director In coöperation with Rits, Brussels (Belgium) Selected for the festival ‘De oprukkende grap’, Theater Vrijthof, Maastricht (NL)
2012 Vertelwandeling De Coninckplein, playwright produced by the City of Antwerp (Belgium)
2012 Het been, writing of a short story Publication in ‘de Revisor’ (Querido, Amsterdam)
2012 SlumberS duo, Performer a performance of Joke Raes, Galerij Huset, Gent (Belgium)
2012 Red Star Line Stories, playwright produced by the City of Antwerp (Belgium)
2011 Kind van de Mast, playwright co-produced by MAS/Museum Aan De Stroom (Antwerp, Belgium), City-Labo and Stromend Water
2011 Undertone, Performer a performance by Sidney Leoni Supported by Jardin d´Europe, Cullberg Ballet; 4Culture Association/Explore Dance Festival (Bucharest), Car Wash Theater (Antwerp): Tanzhaus nrw (Düsserdolf); Tanz Im August/Sommer.bar (Berlin); Weld (Stockholm); Danshögskolan, University College of Dance (Stockholm) and the Culture Programme of The European Union.
2010 19 juni, playwright and actress theatre collective zie!duif: www.zieduif.be co-produced by CC Luchtbal and het Oude Badhuis (Antwerp, Belgium). Coaching: Jan Bijvoet
2010 Workshop Writing for Drama - Heleen Verburg 7-day writing workshop by Heleen Verburg organised by Schrijverspodium
2010 Finalist ‘Frappant txt on stage’ writing contest of the Provincie Antwerpen: www.frappanttxt.be
2010 Weg, writing and dramaturgie for tg Elektra: www.tg-elektra.be co-produced by ’t ARSENAAL (Mechelen) and cc De Kern (Wilrijk)
2010 Lab Project, with Louise Chardon: www.andwhatbesidesdeath.be Research project into sensitive theatre
2009 Actie Teddy. theatre collective zie!duif: www.zieduif.be co-produced by Theater Aan Zee, Arenbergschouwburg, CAMPO coaching: Robby Cleiren.
2009 Kramp dramaturgic research for tg Elektra: www.tg-elektra.be co-produced by cc De Kern, Wilrijk, and the Middelheim Musesum, Monumental and Contemporary Art museum, Antwerp.
2009 Workshop Writing for drama by Peter De Graef 14-day writing workshop by Peter De Graef organised by Schrijverspodium
2009 Vertakt Water, playwright and director coproduced by Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerpen Open (Wintervuur) and Aquafin. IJSKOUD, the First part of the trilogy, got selected as teaser at the MC Hollandse Nieuwe festival (Amsterdam).
2008 - 2011 Sensorama., performer. www.andwhatbesidesdeath.be Performance by Luk Van den Dries, Louise Chardon, Lawrence Malstaf, Ief Spincemaille en Vincent Malstaf. co-produced by Monty (Antwerp) and La Ferme du Buisson (Paris)
2008 Happy day, playwright and director co-produced by Scheld’Apen (Antwerp).
2008 Stockholm theatre collective zie!duif: www.zieduif.be co-produced by studentheaterfestival Groningen, Artforumvzw (Leuven), fABULEUS (Leuven), Villanella (Antwerp) en coach Stefaan Van Brabandt. Winner Theater aan Zee 2008 (Oostend) www.taz.be runner up Fringe Festival Amsterdam
2007 gezocht/gevonden , directing-assistent for tg Elektra: www.tg-elektra.be co-produced by cc De Kern, Wilrijk.
2007 Perdido , internship directing-assistent for tg Elektra: www.tg-elektra.be co-produced by cc De Kern, Wilrijk.
2005 The red half moon, actress co-produced by the Drama Department of the University of Stellenbosch (South-Africa)
2004 Kom! playwright, director, performer FotoMuseum Provincie Antwerpen
2003 Lanseloot, playwright, director, performer met steun van de Vlaamse Overheid